These 24 horribly brutal Punishments That Will Even Horrify Darth Vader

The face of Law and Order has seen the dawn of new era with an evolved system of pun!shment according to their respective cr*mes. Not to be funny and all but, sometimes I wonder how inventors of the past came up with such animalist-ic ideas of tortur*ng a human.

1. The Coffin tr*p- The cr!m-inals were often stuff-ed inside a miniiron coffin, the sizes differed according to how serious the cr!mes committed were.

2. The Brazen Bull- The bull is of metal and hollow inside where they put the felony inside and burn the bull with full heat from below.

3. The Rack- They tie the victim on top of the slab and pull apart the limbs disrupting all the body joints.

4. The Spanish Donkey- Prisoners were seated on the sharp wedge and heavyweights were tied to their legs in order to slice down their body through the middle.

5. Bamboo torture- Practised in Asian countries, the victims were tied naked in a bamboo field, where the budding bamboos eventually emerge and pierced through their bodies slowly.

6. Knee splitter- It was used in the knees by tightening the screw and the spikes piercing through the leg.

7. Saw torture- The picture defines it all, the victim was hung upside down and a huge saw was used to slice through the middle.

8. Rat torture- A cage is placed in the victim’s abdomen which has rats in it. They heat up the cage making the rats go crazy to escape, clawing and digging through the victim’s flesh.

9. The head crusher- The head of the criminal will be placed in the machine, where the cap is on top of the head and the screw will lower down popping the eyes out, breaking the jaw and disrupting the whole facial bone structure.

10. Chinese water torture- Here, the victim was tied to a wooden chair and water was being poured continuously, either hot or cold.

11. The Lead sprinkler- The sprinkler was mainly filled with molten lead, hot oil or acid and then sprinkled onto the victim’s body.

12. The Judas cradle- Victims were held by ropes and were made to sit on top of the metal pyramid and they slowly lowered the ropes.

13. The Breast Ripper- The weapon was designed to rip off the breasts of female victims, which was also heated at the time of usage.

14. The Iron Maiden- The metal coffin with long and sharp spikes all across the body.

15. The Scold’s Bridle- The metal mask was tied in the victim’s face and it had spikes around the mouth area which prevented them from uttering.

16. The Chinese torture chair- This chair was attached with sharp spikes and blades on all the surfaces, it is one of the scariest punishment of all.

17. Raped by wild animals to death- Female victims of the Roman Empire were punished by making trained animals to rape them until death.

18. The Tub- The victim is seated in the tub naked, they apply milk and honey to his/her face making flies to swarm on them. And also they constantly feed the victim, resulting them to lay on their own excretions and left to be eaten alive by maggots.

19. Guillotine- It is considered the fastest and most humane punishment as the victims are beheaded by sharp blade withing second when it drops.

20. Crocodile Shears- The iron crocodile is heated and used to tear down a victims body apart.


21. Hanged, drawn and quartered- The victim is laid down in a wooden planked, hanged for a while then pulled on all four limbs and butchered in four pieces.

22. Republican Marriage- Nuns and Priests were punished in public naked by tieing their bodies together and drowning them in ice cold water.

23. Crucifixion- Its a slow and painful death where the victims are nailed to the wooden cross and hanged until they d*e.

24. Heretics Forks- The victim is made to wear this torture device made of metal which has two sharp forks in both the ends and tied to the neck. One pointing the chin and the other on the sternum.

It is not my place to judge but, isn’t really our right to let such h*rsh ac!ions take place under our understanding? I know people commit br-utal cr!mes that are unforgivable, but “An eye for an eye”, the point is, I’ll make a terr!ble judge!

If you think the legal and formal sentences and penalt*es that cr!m*nals have to pay for in this generation is cr-uel and !nhuman, you should see what used to happen decades ago. Just one word, BR-UTAL!

Coming from a thriller loving movie geek, this was one of the scariest things I came across obviously because it is real. I pictured myself on all of them and trust me I wouldn’t survive a second in it. Kinda like reviewing “The Saw” series. Pheww! Thank God, we are in 2018!