Everyone Must Look For These 5 Qualities Before Settling In A Relationship

The b*r is set high in our visually stimulating, Snapchatt-ing, Tinder-swiping world. And because of that, we women have developed a reputation for being overly pi-cky and uncommi-tted when it comes to the men we chose to tango with. The dating str*ggle truly is real.

But ladies, its time for us to be real. How many of us have written off a guy because of some foible (he over-references Star Wars) or a bad habit (like leaving the toilet seat up), when we didn’t even get a chance to see his quality? Little did you know that guy you dumped last week takes his grandma out for breakfast every Sunday.

, he tutors high-school geometry for free, and even does standup comedy on the weekends. But man, leaving the toilet seat up was a deal-br*aker! There are so many great men out there that have the qualities we really need,

1. He is straightforward- A straightforward and honest man wants to really know what’s wrong because he wants to help. Unfortunately with this comes “tough love”, because you are going to hear things that you really don’t want to here. But, in the long run its best to here it head on and deal with it.

2. He can laugh at himself- Life is tough, and it’s even tougher if you take it too seriously. That’s why it’s important to have a co-pilot who isn’t afra!d to laugh at himself when things go to hell. Why? Because fit hits the shan more often than not, and would you rather be with Gordon Ramsay

3. He is generous with his time- It is a cliché, but we women like things—flowers, shoes, jewellery, chocolate. So when that Hallmark holiday rolls around we expect our man to give us these things and If he doesn’t deliver, he obviously doesn’t care about our relationship. This couldn’t be further from the truth!

Men who give their time rather than money are rarities. A man who will give you his attention is more precious than that Coach bag you’ve been covet-ing. Contrary to popular culture, being frugal with your money is important, because if you are going to be with someone for the long haul, you want to know you will be financially set. A man who values time and memories over material things is priceless.

4. He is compassionate- One of the most powerful emotions is empathy, or the ability to comprehend and embrace someone else’s trials or jubilation. A man who can understand your sorrow but also take joy in your joy is beautiful. He always tries to put himself in other people’s shoes so he can see the world as it is, and do his best to move forth in a positive manner.

5. He learns from his m!stakes- By default, we humans are all imperfect creatures and make more m!stakes than we will ever admit. Given that, the best quality a man can possess is the abil-ity to say “I was wrong” and to move forward to fix it. The greatest minds in the world and the most successful entrepreneurs have experienced failure and defeat, but instead of hiding from it, they openly embrace it. A good man will adm-it he is wrong, a great man will admit he is wr*ng and will become a better person because of it.