These Funny Awkward Moments Can Make Anyone Feel The Cringe

We all come to face certain situations where we can’t help but turn red out of *wkwardn-ess. The we!rdest thing about such situations is that once they surface, there is no way you can avert the trav-esty. Whether it is unknow!ngly being the third wheel with a couple, or watching a movie with your parents that has p*ssionate intimate scenes.

Have you ever faced any awkw*rd moment like these or a time when your friends tr*lled you badly? The internet is full of memes on these awkw*rd moments that are relatable to such an extent that it almost makes you feel good that you weren’t the only one. And sometimes, just looking at people having a slight m!sery, makes us feel a little better about ourselv-es. Down here, we have a fantastic collection of such awkw*rd moments for you. Just scroll down and have a good laugh.

#1 That little sister, though!- The elder sister is trying her best not to show her j!alousy, but the younger sis is not helping AT ALL!

#2 That look!- When your girlfriend’s kitty too want an explanation for your suspic-ious browser history.

#3 Beaches aren’t the best places to visit- Once again when those curv-es become an !ssue and you seem to wonder how life is always unf-air.

#4 Where is your guardian angel when you need him?- Seriously, I have been here, and the numbers of “Please don’t judge me” was quite uncountable.

#5 Okay, this is seriously unfair- It would be great to know what she thought when she looked at the obv-ious m!shap.

#6 One, two… uh, three!- “Okay, Harry! It’s time you figure out that the two of us are in a relationship. So, you better ‘Wingarduim Leviossa’ from here before I ‘Avada Kedavra’ your ass!”

#7 “Okay, don’t look at it!”- I can understand. And when it gets uncomfortably close, and your friends stare at you with that gr*n… *blush!ng intensif-ies*

#8 Childhood ruin-ed!- This is the last I cr* for candy.

#9 One size f*ts all!- Go and try Betty! If you can’t f*t it, it can fit you!

#10 Hello!- No? Okay!- Been there, Done that!

#11 Shhh! He’s right there!- That mini-heart att*ck that last an etern-ity, hoping he was d*af enough to hear you because you know you weren’t subtle about it!

#12 Mission: Ab*rt! Mission: Ab*rt!- I used to look literally at every corner of the room except the TV trying to prove that I am the most innocent child in the whole world.

#13 Holy cr*p!- Share with your friends and let them guess who he is. Make sure they have just dr*nk something to have additional projectile eff-ect.