Here Are The 16 Photoshop “Requests” Taken Literally That Will Have You Laughing Out Loudly

Photoshop can sometimes be a controvers*al topic. Although it can sometimes be used properly and in moderation, it can also be abus*d at other times. Extreme facial adjustments, body remodel-ings and more are happening in the celebrity world, but what happens when you take these extremes and… intens-ify them even more?

Enter James Fridman, the hilarious Photoshop pro who brings his skills to a whole new level. He has earned a lot of success on the Internet and, for good reason, his pictures are funny.

Something scary
Someone asked him to put something scary behind them and James added Teletubbies. Honestly, accurate.


Pocket disappearing “Can you make the phone disappear in my pocket?” …Be careful what you want.

No Photoshop at all- Sometimes, when James is not joking, he teaches us really incredible lessons on Photoshop and body image.

Here’s a sign to hold- Maybe not the sign she wanted, but it’s funny.

Removal of glasses Oh, you mean you didn’t want him to take YOUR glasses off?

Underwater Underwater, you’re at the laundromat.



“Can you reduce my girlfriend’s double chin?” With such a request, this guy doesn’t even deserve a girlfriend. He should go out with himself. James seems to agree.

Ex-boyfriend or something? No problem at all.

Something a little more expensive? Not as luxurious, but certainly expensive.

Wait, you mean two separate shirts? We think that would make sense, but isn’t that great, too?

You want to be the same size as someone else? It could cost you.

Another good lesson, not funny Don’t try to change your chin.

You want to make someone happy? Add the pizza. More pizza.

Make rough demands and get rough results. You want your boyfriend to have a smaller face? okay.


You thought the picture was ruined before… Well, now it really is.


“Can you change that so I have wings?” Well, she didn’t specify what kind of wings, so James did the right thing and assumed she meant the delicious ones.