Jacob Blake Paralyzed After Sho-oting, ‘Need Miracle’ To Walk Again – VIDEO

Jacob Blake is paralyzed from the waist down as a result of being sh*t in the back by a cop in Kenosha, WI … and he’ll need a miracle if he’s ever gonna walk again.

Jacob’s father and mother got super emotional Tuesday as they asked for answers and prayers outside the Kenosha County Courthouse.

His dad fought back tears as he wondered why police sh*t his son in the back like his life didn’t matter. His mother said she’s praying for everyone, even the cops, and asked for an end to the riots and v!olence erupting in the aftermath of her son’s sh*oting.

The family’s lawyer, Ben Crump, and his legal team provided a harrowing update on Jacob’s medical condition …doctors are telling them Jacob will need a “miracle” to learn to walk again after a bullet ripped through his spinal cord.

Jacob was rushed into surgery Tuesday, with doctors removing his colon and small intestine. His lawyers also say he has holes in his stomach, plus damage to his liver, kidney and arm. More surgeries await Jacob, plus a long and difficult rehab.

Jacob’s father got emotional again as he explained the toll the sh*oting is taking on the family … he says his grandson keeps asking him why the police sh*t his dad. His mother says Jacob’s trying his best to keep in good spirits … even telling a joke when she was finally allowed inside his hospital room.

The family says its planning to file a civil lawsuit to hold the cops involved accountable, and their lawyers are asking for the officers to be fired and arrested. The sh*oting of another unarmed Black man resulted in growing protests Sunday night in Kenosha, which escalated to v!olence … including a police officer being knocked out cold.

The unrest continued Monday, and a peaceful protest march through the city was again followed by v!olence and fires set to buildings after dark. Jacob’s mom says her son would not be pleased with the v!olence, and called for healing and prayer throughout the country.

As we reported … Blake was sh*t 7 times in the back as he was walking away from cops and trying to get in his SUV. His partner and the couple‚Äôs 3 children were in the back seat of the vehicle screaming when police sh*t him.We’re told they are severely traumatized by what they saw. An alternate angle of the sh*oting shows that Jacob appeared to be involved in a tussle with the officers before getting up and walking around to the driver’s side, where he was sh*t. A witness claims he heard the cops say Blake had a knife as they pointed their g*ns … but in fact, he was unarmed.

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