There Are The Countries Where Women Always Prefer To Have Bigger Size Bra

Everyone has breasts and some are bigger than others. We’ve studied breasts for years walking down the street and on social media. Several colleges and universities have also conducted breast studies, but they were mostly for the benefit of lingerie companies and others who had an interest in the industry… but now we have another study – One who finally tells us he has the biggest breasts.

Before we jump to the full weight of the study, let’s talk about metrics. They measured the breast size of more than 400,000 women in 108 countries to determine who had the largest breast. They used women who were not pregnant or breastfeeding. They also excluded women who had altered their breasts with surgery. Can you guess what country it was?

For consistency, they used volume metrics with the EU standard, and obtained an average for that particular country. According to the study published in The Journal of Female Health Scientists, they took measurements by measuring tapes, sometimes scanning in 3D, but they also used “visual examination.” This left a lot of people wondering how to get that kind of job.

Two things were made quite clear from the results is that one country is well ahead of others in breast size and that not all bra sizes are the same. However, not surprisingly the size difference, the United States has been trying to make women fit into ridiculous sizes and sizes to fit the mold since the 1950s.

According to the report, the breast size of most women lined up with the region of the world in which they were born, with a few outliers in the United States having the breast size that are closest to the region of their ancestors were.

The study also discussed the shape of the breasts. There appear to be 5 categories of different shapes. They are: round, pear-shaped, pendants, pendants with a narrow tip and pendants with a wide tip.

No wonder the United States. Everybody’s pear-shaped – I blame the bra industry and female nipple phobia… but I know. Who has the biggest breasts in the world?

They are not Southeast Asian countries. In the Southeast Asian region most women measured an “A” cup (EU). Most were smaller than those in the Solomon Islands. Among the remaining five were the Philippines, Bangladesh, Samoa and Malaysia.

According to the report, falling just above the last 5, and not for long were women in most African countries. They also averaged an “A” cup or less. Like the bottom 5, these countries also seen mostly pear-shaped and pendant breasts. Enough about the smaller breasts. Who was on top 5?

Entering number 5 is Poland. Izabella St. James, former GF of Hugh Hefner is from Poland. Although, I think she may not have been eligible for study, you can clearly see what a top chest pictures look like.