These 14 Comics Make You Learn The Major Differences Between Lust And Love In Life

When a relationship is in its early stages, is there always confusion, be it love or l*st? It is very difficult to understand the differences since both results in a wonderful, che-erful and festive mood. If this relationship is going to survive for a long time or will it disapp*ar with the first f!ght? It is certainly h*rd to say, but time will teach us, what are the main differences between l*st and love?

l*st and love have many differences, they have their own character*stics and goals. Sometimes lust comes at the expense of love and if it is love, then never compromise it by lust. Let nature take its own course, just wait. Believe me, it’s worth it. We bring you 14 comics that represent the main differences between l*st and love. Check it out!

1. First, let’s see the Dictionary meaning and the differences between l*st and love.

l*st (verb): To have an intense s*xu-al desire; desire, to be consumed by des!re, to find s*x appeal, to find s*xy, to crave, to covet, to des!re, to crave, to hunger, to thirst, to cr*ve, to burn, to gasp. Love (verb): To have love or affection; to have a deeply tend-er affection, pass!onate about another person to have a strong taste for to have a great pleasure in.

2. l*st eyes just the body, but Love appreciates her looks, appearance, intelligence, personality.

3. Words don’t really matter in love, but l*st believes in d*rty talk. Some we!rd differences.

4. Being close means a lot in love and l*st understands that the deeper the better. Crazy differences.

5. Having an animal inst-inct is l*st and love is a basic inst-inct.

6. Love is all about us and l*st is I, Me and Myself.

7. Love is about togethern-ess before and after $3x, but l*st is turning back to back.

8. Love is being yourself and l*st is all about pretending, being f*ke, portray falsely.

9. To entice and pleasure is l*st and love is an understanding, where her true happiness lies.

10.Laughter is f*rcefully created in l*st and love is about laughing together on anything at any time and any place.

11. l*st is desper-ate to lay their hands on and love is wanting to hold hands and be together.


12. In l*st , expectations are to be met. In love, things are done without expectations.

13. It’s all about reaching the goal fa-st in l*st and love is all about the journey, the goal is secondary.

14. Love is one huge bundle of emotions that can completely change your life and this is how it looks.