These 15 Odd Jobs Are Really Weird That You Won’t Believe Them To Be True

Older generations used to have only 3-4 career options to choose from, while today’s young people have a lot of choices to make; in fact, some of them are so rare that it is hard even to believe that such a job really exists. Before, people’s mentality was to do a job in order to make money, but nowadays young people prefer a job that gives them mental satisfact-ion and it’s not always about money.

PROFESSIONAL SNIFFER OF ARMPITS- Professional armpit inhalers are h*red by deodorant companies as they need to check if your product is as effective as they are promising. An armpit sniffer spends his normal day in a hot room, sniffing or sniffing around 50-60 armpits in order to check if the deodorant is able to control the smelly smelling st!nk or not.

PROFESSIONAL CURL-The job of a professional c*ddler is to c*ddle with the customer and provide a relaxing and relaxing experience. One thing to understand clearly in this context is that it is absolutely platon-ic and there is no possibility of it crossing boundaries.

TO RENT A BOYFRIEND- Many girls go into depression after seeing that all their friends have boyfriends and are the only ones who are single. To help these girls, a service called “Rent a boyfriend” is being carried out in which they can rent a boyfriend for a specific period as their requirement. Previously, this service was carri-ed out in Japan only but last year a related application was launched in India as well.

GET PAID TO BE IN LINE- A lot of times, you have to wait in long lines to do some work, but if you don’t have time, you can h!re one of those freelancers who line up for others for a certain amount of money. It sounds strange, but it’s a real job and a lot of people are buying part-time with this h*stle and b*stle.

PROFESSIONAL PET FOOD REVIEWER- If you’ve always been thinking about how your pet’s food tastes and how well it’s declared for pet consumption, then let’s tell you that there are professional pet food testers that chew food before it is certif!ed suitable for pets. If you don’t mind tasting your pet’s food, you can also become a pet food tester.

GROSS TESTER OF ACROBATICS- There are many reality shows on TV where the contestants of the show have to eat !nsects, w*rms, etc, if you ever saw the contestants try it, you can be sure of the fact that they are trying only after a gross acrobat-ic tester has tested them and declared them suitable for eating.

DIVER OF GOLF BALL- If you know scuba diving then you can also become a golf ball diver. What you have to do is to dive in the ponds of the golf courses and find the golf balls. Sounds an easy job but definitely far different from regular jobs, are you interested?

PET PSYCHICS- We won’t call it a strange job but it is definitely an unusual one in which a person tr*es to communicate with the pet which may be a living one or the one who is no more. These persons are said to be capable of getting information from those sources which are unavailable to normal senses.

PROFESSIONAL APOLOGIZER- Earlier, this job was available in Japan only but now slowly and slowly, it is becoming a job option in other countries as well. These persons are hired by people or organizations in order to apologize to someone on their behalf. If you have the talent of making a person forgive you, then this is the job for you.

PROFESSIONAL EAR CLEANERS- Not everyone goes to ENT doctors to get their ears clear, not in India at least as there are few people working as professional ear cleaners. They can be found in public places which are crowd*d and they are also very cheap in comparison to doctors.

PROFESSIONAL BED WARMERS- In the winters, when we get into bed, for some time it is cold but there are some hotels in UK which don’t want their clients to face such situation. For this purpose, they are hiring professional bed warmers whose job will be to provide a warm bed to the clients of the hotel.


PROFESSIONAL TEA TASTER- Not a weird job, but a pretty demanding one as a tea taster has to taste different types of tea, tell differences between them, need to explain what needs to be done to achieve a particular taste and make a report about them. A person’s taste buds have to be more active than other people if he wants to become tea taster.


PROFESSIONAL MOURNER – Professional mourners are called in the event of someone’s demise and their job is to mourn and cry loudly so that the people around also cry profusely. It is a sad job and only those who are emotionally strong should do it.

PROFESSIONAL WEDDING GUESTS- This job is mainly available in Brazil and the job profile includes the duty of taking care of your car which is in the parking while you are having fun with family doing shopping or eating at the restaurant. Well, we are sure the demand of this job will start growing in other parts of the world as well.

There are several health myths that have had people believing the wrong things over the years. Regarding health, there have been many old wives tales being fed into our minds without any basis whatsoever. You might have heard your grandma telling you how some foods are heating or cooling, while there could be some truth in that from a different perspective, others are simply hogwash and total myths like the ones mentioned here. Here are 15 health myths of all time which we always believed but are not true.

FRESH PRODUCTS HEALTHIER THAN FROZEN ONES- This is a common misconception that urges people to feel that only fresh products are healthy and frozen products are not. It just isn’t true because frozen products are just as good when they are produced by quality standards. Studies have also attested to the fact frozen vegetables and fruits are as nutritious as their fresh counterparts. However, always check the dates of manufacture and f there is an expiration date.