These Are The Most Funniest Gym Moments In History Of Mankind

Now don’t start planning to deliver your favorite meals. We fully perceive how diff*cult it’s going to be.

That’s precisely why we love going to the health club which could be a gold health club, crun-ch health club or maybe a CrossFit health club.

Gym Man Intervened- “I once saw this weird little brother stacking 4 plates on each side in the SMITH MACHINE. He started push!ng the bank and the machine was going to cr*mble.  Very unhappy.”

Beginning With A Cute One At The Gym- “This is nicer than anything else, but… I used to train in age group swimming, and our athletics center had a time each week where the weight room was shared by the children swimming and a children’s camp with emphasis on physical fitness.

Not many children even bothered, so the free weight space was largely used to stretch. Anyway, sooner or later I hear the tinkling of free weights hitting each other, and I turn around to yell at whoever’s touching them. Two of the women inside the health camp are making free we!ghts designs, along with a smiling face and a flower.” EmeraldGirl.

All For A Free Membership- “This is more of a disgusting gym story. But I volunteered at a gym for a long time cleaning machines and cleaning windows and stuff like that for a free membership. Well, one day, there was a new guy who was pretty overweight and he was obviously very excited to be in the gym. He did about an hour of cardio and then he started to lift.

Get Off My Territory- “There was a guy using a rowing machine behind me. I had it set at 10, of course (I’m on a college campus and my scanner is in Frat Row), and obviously I was coming and going, using his impulse to make it easier. How was this obvious?

They Weren’t Doing It Proper- “The kind of form I see in the ergs is abysmal. Most people have no idea what they’re doing, but I’ve seen some particularly funny things: A girl was driving with her legs while the oar was almost on her chest. Halfway through the race, she shot her arms forward, removing all tension on the chain and then immediately threw her at her with her back. Two hugeguys sit next to me. They proceed to a 500 meter race. Despite snorting and snorting, they are so bad that they can barely get less than 2:12 splits. They can’t keep up and crash and burn in the last 200 meters.

There’s a pretty old guy who usually comes at me with an erg. He constantly moans and moans loudly as if he were suffering, like any other blow. Which is not so surprising because its shape is so bad that it seems to cause you pain.

When Encouragement Resulted In A Laughter Match- “So I saw this guy going really heavy in the squats and I was pretty excited about it, so I started yelling “OH YEAH! DO IT BROTHER! DO IT! OH YES!” Sadly, my father makes an attempt at encouragement doesn’t seem to help as he just broke into a laughing match. And every time I noticed it in the gym for several days. Yours faithfully, a random big bla-ck guy.” (*nscrutable_chicken)

“I have a few. I was waiting for a girl to finish using a specific abs machine. She was wearing that scarf on top of the robe that completely covered her, and she wasn’t using enough weight. One looked like Napoleon Dynamite. An old man, extremely thin and flacc-id, wore old gym clothes, with super-short shorts and a headband. A short guy, though big, was well known to almost everyone who frequented that gym. He growled and moaned and made a funny variety of noises while lifting unimpressive weights. In another gym, this guy has his dog running on a treadmill. I have pictures if anyone is curious to see.” (jerair)


That’s What They Name Him- “I go to a 24-hour gym as I usually don’t have time to exercise until 10:00 or so. There is an access card and a sign on the sheet where you write down your name and arrival time. This guy who goes every Wednesday at the same time I only know him as ICEPICK!” (justryde)

Don’t Go Drunk To The Gym- “After a night of drink*ng a lot, my 2 roommates and I thought it would be better to go into the gym to d*ny any of the unhealthy activities we might have enjoyed the night before. While wandering around free weights, one of my friends let out one of the highest, smelly, gassy, thick farts I’ve ever heard/smelled. It looked like the New York sewer rat in the dead skunk business. The thickness of that thing… exceeded oxygen levels in our area. I CLEANED (literally) a 15-foot radius around us. He was asked to leave.” (eazye123)

Mirror Mirror On The Wall- “All stretch!ng mats (or anything else you want a mat for) are along a wall completely covered with mirrors. I was practicing headbutt-ing and fell into the mirror and broke a ~8 x 8 piece of glass. This was probably 3 weeks ago. Yesterday I took a small piece of glass from my hand.” (menge101)


Goggles Did The Trick- “Random Asian guy enters the weight room with a lifting belt, gloves and glasses. Everyone looks at him as “wtf?” Then it goes off and deadlifts ~ 400lb with ease. Everyone gets stuck. He still seemed fun, though.” (dumbest1pot)


Just A Helpful Tip -“My community college gym had an automated shoulder press machine that required a test tug to calculate the weight to be added to the exercise. However, for some reason the machine always gave me twice my body weight in the negative blow, plus the machine did not have an abdominal belt or any form of harness. I lowered the handles, after which the handles pulled me out of the seat in the destructive. As a quick separation, it is not good to start doing pull-ups on the machine at the time it occurs.” (TBatWork)

Russian Child Goes Loopy- “The gym I go to is part of a hotel so there are many tour*sts who exercise while on holiday. One day I was doing sit-ups and there was a Russian kid on the treadmill going crazy. His heart was literally coming out (I think he had the tape at 14 or something) when suddenly there was a power outage and the tape jammed. He basically has his face planted on the tape panel. I ran to see if he was okay. and when he got up both burst into uncontrollable laughter. I never saw him again after that.” (jowtis)


Timing Was Not Proper- “When I started lifting weights in college, a bla-ck guy came up to me and asked me to give him a hand with some heavy push-ups. He wanted me to put a 100-pound plate on his back and take it off when he was done. I’ve never seen anyone do push-ups with a plate on their back, and I had no idea where to put the plate. So I said, “Where do you want me to put the weight on your bla-ck? BACK, back, I said back!”. When You Can Not Management Your Laughter- “If something remotely funny happens while I’m lifting, I lose all focus and drop the weight.” (ejal0)